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Baccarat BearBrick, Clear
Baccarat BearBrick, ClearNew
Item # 2813551B
Baccarat Dice Set, 4 Clear, 1 Red
Baccarat Dice Set, 4 Clear, 1 RedNew
Item # 2813755B
Set $490.00
Baccarat Baby Candy Lamp Gold
Baccarat Baby Candy Lamp GoldNew
Item # 2813778B
Baccarat Baby Candy Lamp Black
Baccarat Baby Candy Lamp BlackNew
Item # 2813780B
Baccarat Baby Candy Lamp Red
Baccarat Baby Candy Lamp RedNew
Item # 2813782B
Baccarat Baby Candy Lamp Gold
Baccarat Baby Candy Lamp GoldNew
Item # 2813784B
Baccarat Louxor Pencil Holder
Baccarat Louxor Pencil HolderNew
Item # 2813157B
Baccarat Louxor Round 6" Vase
Baccarat Louxor Round 6" VaseNew
Item # 2813291B
Baccarat Louxor 9" Round Red Vase
Baccarat Louxor 9" Round Red VaseNew
Item # 2813624B
Baccarat Dice Paperweight
Baccarat Dice PaperweightNew
Item # 2813749B
Baccarat Diamant Champagne Flute Pair
Baccarat Diamant Champagne Flute PairNew
Item # 2807400B
Pair $370.00
Baccarat Octogone 10" Vase
Baccarat Octogone 10" VaseNew
Item # 2812772B
Baccarat Zodiac Mouse, Gold
Baccarat Zodiac Mouse, GoldNew
Item # 2813062B
Baccarat Zodiac Mouse, Clear
Baccarat Zodiac Mouse, ClearNew
Item # 2813060B
Baccarat Origami Pig
Baccarat Origami PigNew
Item # 1762692B
Baccarat Narcisse Red Wine Glass Num. 2 Pair
Baccarat Narcisse Red Wine Glass Num. 2 PairNew
Item # 2812668B
Pair $420.00
Baccarat Narcisse White Wine Glass Num. 3 Pair
Baccarat Narcisse White Wine Glass Num. 3 PairNew
Item # 2812669B
Pair $420.00
Baccarat Bloom Amber Flower Sculpture
Baccarat Bloom Amber Flower SculptureNew
Item # 2813014B
Baccarat Bloom Red Flower Sculpture
Baccarat Bloom Red Flower SculptureNew
Item # 2813016B
Baccarat Bloom Gold Flower Sculpture
Baccarat Bloom Gold Flower SculptureNew
Item # 2813017B
Baccarat Bloom Peony Flower Sculpture
Baccarat Bloom Peony Flower SculptureNew
Item # 2813013B
Baccarat Origami Penguin
Baccarat Origami PenguinNew
Item # 1762693B
Baccarat Origami Elephant
Baccarat Origami ElephantNew
Item # 1762694B
Baccarat Origami Rooster
Baccarat Origami RoosterNew
Item # 1762749B
Baccarat Origami Crane
Baccarat Origami CraneNew
Item # 2812797B

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