Belleek China Shell Annual 2017 Basket, Limited Edition of 160
Belleek China Shell Annual 2017 Basket, Limited Edition of 160
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Size: W: 7" x H: 1 1/2"

This limited edition basket has been made by hand to represent a scalloped shell. The shell is a popular theme found in many pieces throughout Belleek Potterys history such as the many shell tableware patterns and ornate figurative pieces. All have been inspired by the Irish coastline found only a few miles away from the pottery in Belleek. This hand woven basket is decorated with hand applied pink shells, star fish, and sea urchins. A crab placed at the top of the basket scurries among the sea grasses and coral found in the rock pools. Wild yellow viola flowers found near Irish beaches finish off this beautiful sea life creation. In the 19th century, Robert Armstrong became the Potterys first manager and Art director. He guided the pottery to craft of the highest quality to reflect the very qualities of Ireland. The exclusive Belleek backstamp found on the base of the basket has a limited edition of 160 to commemorate Belleeks 160th year.

Made In Ireland.

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Belleek Pottery has been hand-crafting fine porcelain in County Fermanagh, Ireland, continuously since 1857.

Known for its beautiful translucence, each piece is light but is also very durable, with fine design detail and hand-painted shamrocks, flowers or gold trim.

16 individuals craft and care for each piece before it receives the famous Belleek trade mark, ensuring it's authenticity, is gift boxed and packed for the journey to America.

Belleek's reputation has been built on product excellence. Company founder, John Caldwell Bloomfield declared that any piece with even the slightest flaw must be destroyed. Over 155 years later, this is still strictly adhered to. The result is perfection.