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Cashs Ireland, Cooper Craft Ale Crystal Beer Glass, 1+1 Free
Cashs Ireland, Cooper Craft Ale Crystal Beer Glass, 1+1 FreeSale
Item # 17980C
1+1 Free Now Only $50.00
Cashs Ireland, Shot Glass Mixed Set of Four Patterns
Cashs Ireland, Shot Glass Mixed Set of Four PatternsSale
Item # 16397C
Set of Four $100.00
Cashs Ireland, Cooper Martini Glasses, 1+1 Free
Cashs Ireland, Cooper Martini Glasses, 1+1 FreeSale
Item # 16221C
1+1 Free $50.00

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Since 1976 Cashs of Ireland has been synonimus with fine crystal and Irish gifts fashioned by hand in traditional ways by skilled Irish craftsmen.
First founded in Cork, Ireland, Cashs crystal and jewelry are now hand crafted in several factories in Waterford, Ireland, long known as a center of fine crystal.
Each piece of Cashs Crystal is hand cut and polished by skilled artisans with hundreds of years of combined experience in creating crystal masterpieces.
Some items that require technology not available in Ireland are crafted on old continental European production lines, using Irish design and glass mixtures, never compromising the quality.
Each piece of Cashs is hand wrapped in soft velvet pouch and delivered to our customers in an immaculate gift box.

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