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Belleek China Cashel Clock
Belleek China Cashel ClockSale
Item # B0090
Now Only $110.00
Waterford Abbey Crystal Clock
Waterford Abbey Crystal ClockSale
Item # 1052627
Now Only $79.00
Baccarat Crystal, Lalande Crystal Clock
Baccarat Crystal, Lalande Crystal ClockNew
Item # 2100263B
Lalique Crystal, Antoinette Crystal Clock
Lalique Crystal, Antoinette Crystal ClockNew
Item # 10066900
Wedgwood Magnolia Blossom Clock
Wedgwood Magnolia Blossom ClockNew
Item # 40024535
Ralph Lauren Athena Deco Clock
Ralph Lauren Athena Deco ClockNew
Item # 682552650001
Nambe Cobra Desk Clock
Nambe Cobra Desk ClockSale
Item # MT1170N
Now Only $49.00
Cashs Ireland, Tender Heart 6" Crystal Desk Clock
Cashs Ireland, Tender Heart 6" Crystal Desk ClockSale
Item # 22993C
Now Only $150.00
Ralph Lauren Brennan Clock, Black
Ralph Lauren Brennan Clock, BlackNew
Item # 682707606002
Ralph Lauren Brennan Clock, Cream
Ralph Lauren Brennan Clock, CreamNew
Item # 682707606003
Ralph Lauren Brennan Clock, Saddle
Ralph Lauren Brennan Clock, SaddleNew
Item # 682707606001

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A wonderful collection of Waterford Crystal, Cashs Crystal, Orrefors, Baccarat and Lalique clocks and accessories in patterns such as Lismore, Lismore Diamond, Lismore Essence, Metropolitan and more. Keep time to the beat of the city with these contemporary but classic timepieces. A perfect gift for any celebration in corporate life from a new hire to a big business win or a career advancement. Most crystal clocks can be engraved, monogrammed or personalized on the crystal clock itself, or with added wooden base and brass plaque. Clock replacements mechanisms and crystal clock replacement inserts for Waterford clocks and others are available. Shannon is the largest independent retailer of Waterford Crystal.
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