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Waterford Crystal 9" Sailboat Sculpture, Clear
Waterford Crystal 9" Sailboat Sculpture, ClearSale
Item # 40027993
Now Only $79.00
Cashs Ireland, Baby Block Crystal Paperweight
Cashs Ireland, Baby Block Crystal PaperweightSale
Item # 20988C
Now Only $29.99
Waterford Humpback Whale Sculpture Paperweight
Waterford Humpback Whale Sculpture PaperweightSale
Item # 1050407
Now Only $79.00
Waterford The Jolly Snowman 7 1/2" Sculpture
Waterford The Jolly Snowman 7 1/2" SculptureSale
Item # 1052762
Now Only $69.00
Lalique Crystal, Red Fish Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Red Fish SculptureNew
Item # 3003100
Belleek China Harp Paperweight
Belleek China Harp PaperweightNew
Item # B0514
Waterford Shamrock Paperweight
Waterford Shamrock PaperweightSale
Item # 1052592
Now Only $49.00
Lalique Crystal, Figure Happy Buddha
Lalique Crystal, Figure Happy BuddhaNew
Item # 1401600
Lalique Crystal, Double Fish Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Double Fish SculptureNew
Item # 1162200
Swarovski Crystal Lovebirds Sculpture
Swarovski Crystal Lovebirds SculptureNew
Item # 5379552
Lalique Crystal, Figure Swan Head Up
Lalique Crystal, Figure Swan Head UpNew
Item # 1161600
Lalique Crystal, Chrysis Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Chrysis SculptureNew
Item # 1180900
Lalique Crystal, Grey Fish Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Grey Fish SculptureNew
Item # 3001400
Lalique Crystal, Pink Fish Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Pink Fish SculptureNew
Item # 3002800
Lalique Crystal, Figure Bamara Lion
Lalique Crystal, Figure Bamara LionNew
Item # 1165600
Lalique Crystal, Horse's Head Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Horse's Head SculptureNew
Item # 1162400
Lalique Crystal, Figure Swan Head Down
Lalique Crystal, Figure Swan Head DownNew
Item # 1161500
Kosta Boda Wide Life Leaf Sculpture
Kosta Boda Wide Life Leaf SculptureNew
Item # 7091021
Lalique Crystal, Vitesse Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Vitesse SculptureNew
Item # 10066400
Lalique Crystal, Victoire Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Victoire SculptureNew
Item # 10108200
Lalique Crystal, Horse Head Figure Black
Lalique Crystal, Horse Head Figure BlackNew
Item # 10056600
Lalique Crystal, Falcon Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Falcon SculptureNew
Item # 10206000
Lalique Crystal, Golden Eagle Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Golden Eagle SculptureNew
Item # 10364100
Lalique Crystal, Flore Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Flore SculptureNew
Item # 10442900
Nambe Madonna Sculpture
Nambe Madonna SculptureNew
Item # MT0764N
Lalique Crystal, Bulldog Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Bulldog SculptureNew
Item # 10520200
Swarovski Crystal Myriad Mahiri Sculpture
Swarovski Crystal Myriad Mahiri SculptureNew
Item # 5239445
Ralph Lauren Albin Desk Sculpture
Ralph Lauren Albin Desk SculptureNew
Item # 682557740001
Moser Crystal Heart Sculpture 7.9" Rosalin
Moser Crystal Heart Sculpture 7.9" RosalinNew
Item # HRT-30100-1-RSL
Lalique Bear Sculpture, Clear
Lalique Bear Sculpture, ClearNew
Item # 10641100
Lalique Taureau, Bull Sculpture, Clear
Lalique Taureau, Bull Sculpture, ClearNew
Item # 10647700
Lalique Cheval, Horse Sculpture, Clear
Lalique Cheval, Horse Sculpture, ClearNew
Item # 10647600
Lalique Cochon, Pig Sculpture, Clear
Lalique Cochon, Pig Sculpture, ClearNew
Item # 10647800
Swarovski Crystal Myriad Pegasus Sculpture
Swarovski Crystal Myriad Pegasus SculptureNew
Item # 5405969
Ralph Lauren 1955 Jaguar XKD Sculpture
Ralph Lauren 1955 Jaguar XKD SculptureNew
Item # 682723213002
Ralph Lauren Ferrari 250 GTO Sculpture
Ralph Lauren Ferrari 250 GTO SculptureNew
Item # 682723771001
Baccarat Crystal Rigot Greyhound Sculpture
Baccarat Crystal Rigot Greyhound SculptureNew
Item # 1764451B
Baccarat Crystal Rigot Cat Sculpture
Baccarat Crystal Rigot Cat SculptureNew
Item # 1764450B
Baccarat Bloom White Flower Sculpture
Baccarat Bloom White Flower SculptureNew
Item # 2812807B
Baccarat Crystal Polar Bear Sculpture
Baccarat Crystal Polar Bear SculptureNew
Item # 2606796B
Baccarat Bloom Amber Flower Sculpture
Baccarat Bloom Amber Flower SculptureNew
Item # 2813014B
Baccarat Bloom Red Flower Sculpture
Baccarat Bloom Red Flower SculptureNew
Item # 2813016B
Baccarat Bloom Gold Flower Sculpture
Baccarat Bloom Gold Flower SculptureNew
Item # 2813017B
Baccarat Bloom Peony Flower Sculpture
Baccarat Bloom Peony Flower SculptureNew
Item # 2813013B
Aerin Heart Puzzle Sculpture
Aerin Heart Puzzle SculptureNew
Item # 23114628091AE
Aerin Marguerite Brass Flower Sculpture
Aerin Marguerite Brass Flower SculptureNew
Item # 18120039AE
Aerin Lily Flower Sculpture
Aerin Lily Flower SculptureNew
Item # 18120040AE
Aerin Dahlia Porcelain Flower Sculpture
Aerin Dahlia Porcelain Flower SculptureNew
Item # 17120064AE
Aerin Antonin Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Antonin Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 18220057AE
Aerin Maxime Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Maxime Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 18120038AE
Aerin Bregenz Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Bregenz Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 23094528001AE
Aerin Margot Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Margot Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 23094628100AE
Aerin Luc Sculpture, Limited Edition
Aerin Luc Sculpture, Limited EditionNew
Item # 171200630AE
Lalique Double Fish Sculpture, Clear
Lalique Double Fish Sculpture, ClearNew
Item # 10672800
Nambe Mini Snowman Figure
Nambe Mini Snowman FigureNew
Item # MT1368N
Lalique Rat Sculpture, Gold Luster
Lalique Rat Sculpture, Gold LusterNew
Item # 10686200
Lalique Mouse Sculpture, Gold Luster
Lalique Mouse Sculpture, Gold LusterNew
Item # 10686800
Lalique Rat Sculpture, Clear
Lalique Rat Sculpture, ClearNew
Item # 1404000
Steuben Atkins Eagle Sculpture
Steuben Atkins Eagle SculptureNew
Item # 8496VAA
Steuben Baby's Block Paperweight
Steuben Baby's Block PaperweightNew
Item # 9539ST
Steuben Beacon of Light Sculpture
Steuben Beacon of Light SculptureNew
Item # 9056ST
Steuben Beaver Sculpture
Steuben Beaver SculptureNew
Item # 9156CIC
Steuben Bunny Hand Cooler Paperweight
Steuben Bunny Hand Cooler PaperweightNew
Item # 5547VAA
Steuben Cat Hand Cooler Paperweight
Steuben Cat Hand Cooler PaperweightNew
Item # 5520VAA
Steuben Celebrate Cupcake Sculpture
Steuben Celebrate Cupcake SculptureNew
Item # 9053VAA
Steuben Cheetah Sculpture
Steuben Cheetah SculptureNew
Item # 9597VAA
Steuben Christmas Tree Large Sculpture
Steuben Christmas Tree Large SculptureNew
Item # 10009VAA
Steuben Christmas Tree Sculpture
Steuben Christmas Tree SculptureNew
Item # 8984VAA
Steuben Dancing Hearts Paperweight
Steuben Dancing Hearts PaperweightNew
Item # 9143VAA
Steuben Apple Paperweight
Steuben Apple PaperweightNew
Item # 7874VAA
Steuben Egret Sculpture
Steuben Egret SculptureNew
Item # 9668VAA
Steuben Gander Sculpture
Steuben Gander SculptureNew
Item # 8658ST
Steuben Heart of My Heart Paperweight
Steuben Heart of My Heart PaperweightNew
Item # 9487VAA
Steuben Horse Head Sculpture
Steuben Horse Head SculptureNew
Item # 7779VAA
Steuben Houston Eagle Sculpture
Steuben Houston Eagle SculptureNew
Item # 8130ST
Steuben Keepsake Heart Paperweight
Steuben Keepsake Heart PaperweightNew
Item # 10019VAA
Steuben Kodiak Bear Sculpture
Steuben Kodiak Bear SculptureNew
Item # 9020VAA
Steuben Lion Sculpture
Steuben Lion SculptureNew
Item # 1126VAA
Steuben Loving Heart Sculpture
Steuben Loving Heart SculptureNew
Item # 8771VAA
Steuben Penguin Sculpture
Steuben Penguin SculptureNew
Item # 8295ST
Steuben Pollard Eagle Sculpture
Steuben Pollard Eagle SculptureNew
Item # 8304VAA
Steuben Preening Goose Sculpture
Steuben Preening Goose SculptureNew
Item # 8344ST
Steuben Pumpkin Sculpture
Steuben Pumpkin SculptureNew
Item # 10017ST
Steuben Rabbit Redux Sculpture
Steuben Rabbit Redux SculptureNew
Item # 9662VAA
Steuben Snail Sculpture
Steuben Snail SculptureNew
Item # 7982ST
Steuben Star of David Sculpture
Steuben Star of David SculptureNew
Item # 8686ST
Steuben Trout and Fly Sculpture
Steuben Trout and Fly SculptureNew
Item # 1002ST
Steuben Wall Street Sculpture
Steuben Wall Street SculptureNew
Item # 1165ST
Baccarat Dice Paperweight
Baccarat Dice PaperweightNew
Item # 2813749B
Michael Aram Dove 14" Moon Gate Sculpture
Michael Aram Dove 14" Moon Gate SculptureNew
Item # 176104MA
Aerin Damien Sculpture
Aerin Damien SculptureNew
Item # 19222029AE
Aerin Oak Leaf Sculpture
Aerin Oak Leaf SculptureNew
Item # 19222030AE
Aerin Acorn Sculpture
Aerin Acorn SculptureNew
Item # 19222031AE
Moser Heart Large Sculpture Clear
Moser Heart Large Sculpture ClearNew
Item # HRT-30100-1-00
Moser Heart Large Sculpture Alexandrite
Moser Heart Large Sculpture AlexandriteNew
Item # HRT-30100-1-ALX
Moser Heart Sculpture Alexandrite
Moser Heart Sculpture AlexandriteNew
Item # HRT-30101-1-ALX
Moser Heart Sculpture Clear
Moser Heart Sculpture ClearNew
Item # HRT-30101-1-00

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