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Lalique Crystal, Figure Swan Head Up
Lalique Crystal, Figure Swan Head UpNew
Item # 1161600
Lalique Crystal, Oval Mirror For 2 Swans
Lalique Crystal, Oval Mirror For 2 SwansNew
Item # 1161700
Lalique Crystal, Figure Bamara Lion
Lalique Crystal, Figure Bamara LionNew
Item # 1165600
Lalique Crystal, Horse's Head Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Horse's Head SculptureNew
Item # 1162400
Lalique Crystal, Figure Swan Head Down
Lalique Crystal, Figure Swan Head DownNew
Item # 1161500
Lalique Crystal, Sitting Tiger
Lalique Crystal, Sitting TigerNew
Item # 10058000
Lalique Crystal, Dove Two Lovebirds
Lalique Crystal, Dove Two LovebirdsNew
Item # 10139500
Lalique Crystal, Horse Head Figure Black
Lalique Crystal, Horse Head Figure BlackNew
Item # 10056600
Lalique Crystal, Golden Eagle Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Golden Eagle SculptureNew
Item # 10364100
Lalique Crystal, Sumatra Elephant, Grey
Lalique Crystal, Sumatra Elephant, GreyNew
Item # 10491600
Lalique Crystal, Timora Elephant, Grey
Lalique Crystal, Timora Elephant, GreyNew
Item # 10492700
Lalique Crystal, Bulldog Sculpture
Lalique Crystal, Bulldog SculptureNew
Item # 10520200
Lalique Cheval, Horse Sculpture, Clear
Lalique Cheval, Horse Sculpture, ClearNew
Item # 10647600
Lalique Cochon, Pig Sculpture, Clear
Lalique Cochon, Pig Sculpture, ClearNew
Item # 10647800
Lalique Rat Sculpture, Gold Luster
Lalique Rat Sculpture, Gold LusterNew
Item # 10686200
Lalique Mouse Sculpture, Gold Luster
Lalique Mouse Sculpture, Gold LusterNew
Item # 10686800
Lalique Rat Sculpture, Clear
Lalique Rat Sculpture, ClearNew
Item # 1404000

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Animal figurines are a hallmark of the Lalique brand. Nymphs, dragonflies, and fish were among some of the first favored motifs in the early days of Lalique glassworks. Today, the collection of Lalique crystal animals has grown to include dozens of different animals as varied as birds, frogs, lions, and horses. All Lalique glass is lead-based and acid-etched with fine, lifelike details. Lalique animals are treasured collectors' items that enhance the beauty of any space they are in and maintain their value for generations. Hand made in France. Shannon is an authorized online boutique of Lalique crystal.

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