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Coca-Cola and Riedel Crystal Glasses, Pair
Coca-Cola and Riedel Crystal Glasses, PairSale
Item # 41421R
Pair Only $28.00
Riedel O Tequila Crystal Tumblers, Pair
Riedel O Tequila Crystal Tumblers, PairSale
Item # 041481R
Pair $29.90
Riedel O Thumbs Up Crystal Wine Decanter
Riedel O Thumbs Up Crystal Wine DecanterSale
Item # 141413R
Now Only $199.00
Riedel O Whiskey Crystal Tumblers, Pair
Riedel O Whiskey Crystal Tumblers, PairSale
Item # 041480R
Pair $29.90
Riedel O Cognac Crystal Tumblers, Pair
Riedel O Cognac Crystal Tumblers, PairSale
Item # 041471R
Pair Only $29.90

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The Riedel connoisseur will be surpirised to find that this new glass series has something missing - there is no stem or base. Riedel 'O' is the new innovative take on the wine tumbler. In short: 'O' is the ideal glass for every day use and for every occasion. It is fun, feels good to hold, looks trendy and it works!The designs of 'O' are based on the benchmark shapes of Riedel Vinum. For the first time in glass history the design parameters such as shape of tumbler, size and diameter of rim, have been fine tuned to enhance the world's most important grape varietals. 'O' is available as: Cabernet/Merlot, Pinot/Nebbiolo, Syrah/Shiraz, Chardonnay, Viognier/Chardonnay, and Riesling/Sauvignon. The tumbler, used for centuries as an all-round drinking vessel, is now turned into a sophisticated wine accessory. Maximilian Riedel has created something brand new with 'O' without losing sight of his 'roots'. 'O' is much more a successful addition for those who love an elegant, uncomplicated design that works.30 years ago Claus Riedel (9th Riedel generation) revolutionized the world of the wine glass when he changed functionality into design. His grandson Maximilian Riedel (11th generation) feels that now is the right time to offer a convenience product. A glass which is easy to use. It fits in every dishwasher, picnic basket, minibar or small kitchen. Broken stems are a thing of the past.

O is executed in non lead crystal, machine blown in Bavaria, Germany.

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