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Swarovski Lovlots Circus, Benny
$60.00 1 1/4"  
Item# 1072348
Size: 1 1/8 x 1 1/8

Magic, marvels and enchantment – let the show commence! Swarovski is bringing its latest generation of “Lovlots” into the ring, as these deliciously quirky figurines take the role of circus stars displaying spectacular acts and conjuring tricks. Like the previous “Lovlots” families, the charming companions of the “Lovlots Circus” are playful and tender, expressive and mischievous.

Benny, the magical rabbit. Benny loves surprises and captivates his audience with his secretly guarded magic tricks. Benny’s head and body are in White Opal Aurore Boreale. His ears and tail are in Crystal Moonlight crystal.

1 1/4" x 1"
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Born to a glass cutter in North Bohemia, today a part of the Czech Republic, young Daniel Swarovski completed a two-year apprenticeship in his father's small factory. Here, he gained expertise in cutting glass.

During this time, in 1892, he invented a machine that revolutionized the process of crystal cutting. He filed for patents soon after. In 1895, he founded the company Swarovski. He realized that he needed more water, power and a factory building in order for his plans to manifest. In addition, he needed to move away from competitiors to keep his inventions a secret. So, he chose to settle in Wattens, Tyrol.

In 1976, the first Silver Crystal Mouse was the first ever figurine created using chandelier parts. Representative of the Olympic Winter Games taking place in Innsbruck at the time, it also marked a historical step forward in the world of crystal. A Replica Mouse is available today.

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